BSA: Student Showcase 2014

Showcase 2014 Poster_Rahilly

Excited to report my [fourth] admittance into the fourth annual Boston Society of Architects Student Showcase! Check out the showcase at the BSA Space (290 Congress Street, Boston) on December 4, 2014 at 7:00pm.


CELEBRATE: Public Space Invitational

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Public Space Invitational

Mayor Walsh








Enjoying Public Space

The first ever Public Space Invitational generated 72 entries from architects and designers around Boston, with the intent of bringing about creative ideas for our city’s public spaces. Last night, the exhibition itself went public, with a party hosted by Mayor Walsh at City Hall. Though the free beer and pretzels were present for only the celebration, the submission posters are on display at City Hall for the rest of this month.

PUBLIC Space Invitational

Public Space Invitational


Unfold Boston

In Boston, a third of the land is open to the public. We invite you to reimagine that space. How can our streets, plazas, sidewalks, street furniture, and public buildings better serve people?

Now that my thesis project is almost fully developed, what better way to test it out than to submit the design to Boston’s first Public Space Invitational. The visual above shows how different configurations of peripatopian architecture can create different activities around Boston.To learn more about the Public Space Invitational, click here.


GRAPHICS: Wentworth Competition

14.02.04 Graphic WIT Poster copy


With the renovation of Wentworth’s computer science and materials studies labs, on the ground floor of the main building, the Institute asked students to contribute designs for a graphic wall situated at the beginning of the hallway. Partnering with Nathaniel St Jean, we decided to design our submission with the theme of ingenuity, embracing the fact that our ideas may begin at Wentworth, but are soon taken beyond that sphere. The design centers around the departments of materials technology, robotics, computer science, computer networking, and nanotechnology.

BSA: Student Showcase 2013

BSA Showcase

BSA Student Design Showcase

It’s nice to celebrate completed work, especially in the thick of thesis prep. The Boston Society of Architects held it’s third annual Student Design Showcase, which ran the images of 23 projects from Boston Universities on loop throughout the gathering.

This was my third year with work represented in the Showcase. The project, some images shown below, is a school for painting, weaving, and horticulture at Decordova Sculpture Park. The work from last year’s show is also available here.

Final Design - Perspective 1     Final Design - Displaying

GRAPHICS: Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invite

South American Affairs

When I travelled to Chile in 2009, I met Carolina at the airport in Atlanta. We had both missed our connecting flight to Santiago. Years later, and still in correspondence across countries, Carolina requested I design her wedding invitations for her vintage inspired nuptials.

BSA: Student Showcase 2012

Poster copy

BSA Student Design Showcase

Kendall Square is in motion. A triangular site sitting at the entryway of the Longfellow Bridge and the Kendall Square T stop, this area is merely a means between points A and B. Besides car and train traffic, the growing method of transportation in Cambridge is via bicycle. Companies like Hubway and Urban Adventour have jumped on this interest, which means urban pockets have the potential to become places for bicycle storage, destination points for cyclists, and marketing opportunities for these growing businesses. This project looks to create a pavilion to harbor this potential by abstracting the structural form of a bicycle through the concept of link.