blog hat

Blizzard knits are snow ready! #designunbound

  1. knit…
    • 30 on
    • using size 13 needles
    • and as many rows as it takes to circulate the head
    • this will make a rectangle
  2. braid…
    • using 10 strings of yarn
    • always looping one string through the knit rectangle
    • start at the corner of one short side around to the opposite corner
    • bring both sides together and braid by looping the other short side of the rectangle
  3. adorn…
    • by using the remaining braid ends to enclose and top the hat
    • weave the ends through the long, not braided side and pull tight to close the top
    • tie the strings in a knot that doubles as a tassel
  4. enjoy…
    • because the snow is never going away in Boston