Day 01: Montréal, Canada


The old architecture:

We arrived in Montréal around 4:00 pm and decided to head to the old district right away. During the 45 minute walk from our Downtown hotel, we came across many historical landmarks of the city; Victoria Square and Basilique Notre-Dame, to name a couple. Reflecting on the day, it was these historical spots that clamour first to my memory. Old Montréal was absolutely fantastic; the food, the shopping, the atmosphere…and it was not suffocated by the tourism, but perhaps even enhanced. In my travel experience, I have come to find that it is the historic districts that tend to be most pleasant. Perhaps it’s the escape from the gridded city, like the winding streets of old Barcelona,or the spirited color of the buildings, like old Tryol, Austria, or just the variety of the cobblestones, like Boston’s North End; either way, it’s a welcomed change from the modern.

Keep your old districts safe!


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