EXHIBITION: Interacting with a Thesis

14.04.29 Exhibition Photos a

Playful Purposelessness

The MArch Exhbition proved how Peripatopian Architecture engages the user and promotes creative action. Besides interacting with the architecture, this design also proved to generate social interaction at the exhibition. Popular within Peripatopia was inhabiting the spaces between each framed assembly, and then socialzing around the pieces; sometimes pushing pieces together for seating, other times leaning on one. Most interesting was how the perception of the exhibtion space changed based on how condensed or exploded the assembly was. It very much divided space if necessary. 

Fascinating comments were made on the idea of purposeless. One comment was that Peripatopian architecture can never be purposeless, because its purpose is play. Another comment was that Peripatopian architecture encourages our bodies to then push beyond our usual movements as another form or creativity.

Peripatopian architecture is a design technique to be carried through the 21st Century. Purpose is a fading thing, given the constant motion of our lives. Transforming architecture in Peripatopia allows us to choose how we want to experience space.


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