CASE STUDY: Transforming Architecture

14.03.06 W3 - Visual


From the Inside Out

The topic of this Individual Case Study explores architecture that is transformable. A multi-interpretive and multi-dimensional art, architecture transforms space, and should therefore transform itself to create space.

To illustrate this idea, the accompanying visual describes two characters that are able to manipulate architecture. The depicted narrative of these characters blurs which transfigured space is inside and which is outside. Character Blue, situated outside, manipulates his surroundings to unfold a piece of architecture. As the architecture unfolds, it has the potential to divide space or be inhabited. Fully expanded, character Blue then uses the architecture to enhance his experience of the exterior. Concurrently, character Orange transforms an exterior object into an interior piece of architecture by inserting it into character Blue’s creation. By directly interacting with the making of the architecture, each character’s perception of space is altered. The result is a human-scaled space that celebrates a “both/and” condition, enjoyed from both the interior and the exterior.


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