13.11.22 Burst blog image


Given that, through the development of the program frame, each onomatopoeia should be spatial, this design probe continues that development. Just as crack! was revealed through a sliver of light, burst! is revealed through the unexpected rupture of an enclosed space. To explore spatial representation of burst!, the box above appears at first like a two dimensional image. It then begins to open at the seams revealing a larger scene. Still, the box requires more investigation as the inside pops up to create an inhabitable space. The program inside is a play on the word burst!, extending its concept to include “outburst” in relation to the idea of creative and persuasive speech. Imagine happening upon an architecture that allows for self expression through writing and speaking, or theater and poetry, without having any experience in these arts. In its place is merely a desire for full expression by way of nothing but speech. Constructivist art held a dual interpretation of scale and depth, sometimes sitting within ambiguous white space, other times asserting itself at the scale of theater scenery.

The site, located in an alley on brookline ave, contains a small connector between the buildings that enclose the alley. The connector is lifted a story above to allow for passage through, but contains no windows or indication of what sits inside. In previous passing, a portion of the alley wall held an un-commissioned mural; which has now been painted over, the only trace left being a square of white on the wall, or a fragment left for the mind to illustrate.



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