13.11.11 Design Probe - Newbury Perspective


This design probe experimented in both creating space and how to represent it using the site and program of crack!. Imagine walking down Newbury Street, the buzz of the daily shopping crawl gone, and noticing a line of light emanating from a small slit in the ground. Following the light leads to a separation between buildings, not noticed before. It appears as though this separation could be large enough to pass through. Pushing the adjacent wall reveals flexibility in the opening, solidifying the idea of investigation. Inside, a rumbling sound is unclear, potentially the sound of the nearby train line, but this is inconclusive. A staircase appears, with light and sound from below. Beginning the decline, it becomes apparent that the stairs are actually like platforms dividing a greater space, creating rooms. Each room has the potential for musical creativity, with the lowest and greatest platform opening into a larger performance space.

design probe 4 - Version 2    design probe 1


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