program model 3

Write! Art! Music!

Which onomatopoeia words are both nouns and verbs, resemble the breaking apart of something, and evoke an idea of space? This question was inspired by the previous frame’s use of crack! as a site. A crack is defined as a narrow space between two surfaces, as well as the breaking apart of something without full separation. In thinking along the same criteria of spatial words rather than sensorial words,  splat! became a replacement for knock!, and burst! became a replacement for flash!. Splat! evokes the idea of a spreading out of space, particularly in two directions, while burst! spreads space in three dimensions.

These three spatial onomatopoeia words, crack!, splat!, and burst! have come to represent ideas of program. The program for this thesis should promote creative outlets. According to a study by WebMD, creative outlets are the best therapy in recovering from depression (see article here). These outlets may be in the form of writing, music, or art. This program speaks to the work of the Constructivists as well, who used written publications, graphic arts, and theater sets to promote societal activity. The idea of a tuned-in individual catching notes of distant music, following the sound to a crack in the sidewalk, and entering an unexpected festival/concert/assembly of music and participating in the expression of sound is the type of event this program should induce. A splat of art catching the eye of another passerby, who leaves the gridded structure of the city for momentary participation in a splatter paint session. And a burst of words gives way to an outburst of prose by the individual turned thespian dying to speak out. These events are only visible to those willing to find and participate in them.

The model above represents the three dimensions of space that could be stumbled upon: looking down, looking to the side, or looking up. These dimensions exist because the complacent individual walks forward with blinders, never cognizant or curious of the activity around them. The images are also representative of dual interpretations, as is the spatial quality of the model itself which appears to be like a two dimensional axonometric, or a three dimensional space frame.

  art      write      music


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