13.10.27 site frames blog

Knock! Crack! Flash!

How is complacency disrupted? Human centered disruptions affect us sensorially; a sound, a smell, an image, a taste, or a feeling are all daily experiences that, when altered, disrupt the normalcy of routine. To explore this idea conceptually, I’ve researched onomatopoeia words. Etymologically, onomatopoeia means ‘word-making’ and describes both the sound and the thing in one name (New Oxford American Dictionary). An interesting addition to the methods of making by Constructivists and Deconstructivists, word making expands on the idea of creative thought rather than (or because of) action. Onomatopoeia is also defined as the use of words for rhetorical effect; linking again to the persuasive vulnerability of complacency.

Taking this knowledge of word making, I’ve extended the definition of onomatopoeia to also include site: describing the sound, the thing, and the site in one name. A crack! disrupts the complacent walker’s attention, breaching a curiosity of what lies below. A knock! wakes the complacent suburban dweller to wonder what sits around the corner. And a flash! draws the complacent urbanite away from the underbelly of the city’s habits to new methodologies. The sites shown in the images above exist in well known areas of Boston, however they are hidden from the unobservant passersby. A layering and aged appearance was also applied to the images. This is because a conversation on layering developed from the mini-conference, with the ideas of fragments over time accumulating to create something new.


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