MIND MAP: Iteration 2

mind map - dystopia NEW image

visual compiled - constructivism
visual compiled - situationist
visual compiled - futurism

Asking Questions

In order to rationalize the concept of “dystopia,” this second iteration breaks down into architecture as a result of social/political unrest and conversely, architecture as a result of social/political stability. In terms of unrest, constructivism and situationist internationale were both artistic movements that arose out of discontent. Besides art, the development of architecture was also affected. In terms of stability, futurism evolved out of an interest in machines during a time of industrial prosperity. Futurist ideas found their way into art, literature, poetry, and performance as well.

Each of these movements is represented above by the combining of two images. By splitting and alternating the images, the concepts can be read separately  or read individually or in pieces or in a series like a story board. The separate images are shown below. When asked why I tend to produce surreal imagery, I realized it is because in the three dimensional world, I take in a space all at once. When I then represent it in the two dimensional world, I show everything I took in from the space within the same frame. Imagine your clothes hanging in the closet and as you wear each piece of clothing it becomes dirty and goes to the wash. Now imagine trying to pick up the entire pile from the wash all at once. Certain items of clothing stand out more than the others, but their overall form and appearance is just a piece of the pile.


visual 3

visual 1mind map - constructivism

  1. According to Leach, “Beyond the ‘revolution’, this utopian dream has degraded into a dystopian nightmare.” Does a dystopia exists only if the utopia intended fails? Is dystopia merely a state of mind?
  2. Does oppression breed creativity? In what ways has oppression altered the art/architecture of the future? Why does society use art as a means of revolution, considering art supports culture?

Situationist Internationale

visual 4visual 2mind map - situationism

  1. How does the spectacle enhance the architectural experience? How is the concept of spectacle incorporated into the tectonics of architecture?
  2. What is a spectacle? What is the contemporary interpretation of the spectacle?


visual 5visual 6mind map - futurism

  1. The futurists were inspired by machines in motion. In what ways can this concept be used in contemporary architecture, specifically to control issues of urban density?
  2. Futurist literature is a combination of unexpected images. Can literature be used as the plans for a building? What is the relationship between the structure of a novel and the structure of a building?

For potential resources in answering these questions, click here.


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