THEMES: Undergraduate Work



The main theme running through my projects is the idea of a] structure as enclosure. I always try to avoid the issue of ‘how does this project stand up?’ and therefore aim to develop an unobtrusive structural system that regulates the design. With this method, structure becomes the design, is the design in most cases, and as a result frees up space by eliminating a column grid.

One method of designed structure is through the use of b] modularity and scale. To use modules or a ‘kit of parts’ has also always seemed like an efficient way of realistically designing, and scale adds visual interest as well as an ability to vary the system. In the examples above modules made of steel or concrete components combine to enclose space.

Typically, how the structure comes to organize the design, it also comes to create c] experiential circulation about the site or inside the buildings. This circulation must work internally and externally and relate to the needs of the site. d] Site specificity means that the project considers aspects of its surroundings and incorporates these aspects in order to coexist. The program surrounding the Musikschule addition for the Berlin Library project included residential, commercial, government, and green space for example, so I proposed a design that provided privacy facing the residential, but opened up to the green space behind.

To sum up my design process, I  look to establish structure, follow a system of modularity or parts, orient a clear but experiential circulation, and pay attention to the specifics of the site. This order of operations has the opportunity to act as a recipe for a successful project. I’d be interested in enhancing this recipe to include materials, vertical circulation, HVAC, etc.


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