QUESTIONS: Areas of Interest

Constructivism] geometries, layering of graphics, futurist architecture

Narrative] connection to architecture, purpose of design, story, elements of a book

Modular] how modules come together, structural integrity, variation of a system, efficiency

Structure] enclosure, multiple scales, efficiency, new types

Representation] translation of 2D to 3D, phenomenology, importance in architectural design




1] Is there a geometrical approach to constructivist art which organizes and explains a design?

Can this approach then be applied in three dimensions, to create space, rather than two?

Can this approach be applied at different scales?

How did Construction Art affect architecture as well as everyday design?



2] Dealing with narrative, can a project develop from or represent a story?

Can the story’s description of circulation, for example, be represented by the architecture?

Is there a correlation between the structure of narrative and those of architecture?


Modular Design

3] Is there a universal module that is found in every commonly used object or space?

Which shape really is the best for human comfort in a space?


Structure as Enclosure

4] What is the most efficient / cost effective method of design to improve the future?

Is there a module to revolutionize structure?

How can structure as enclosure operate at both a commercial or industrial scale as well as a human scale?



5] What would happen if a space was designed exactly as it was represented?

How accurate can the construction match the perhaps unique representation?

Do phenomenological aspects pick up for the graphic feel that gets lost in construction?

Is architecture created from art, or is art created from architecture?


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