DAY 35: Wolfsburg, Germany


The sexy architecture:

Early on in design school, I found that my architecture professors would find buildings provocative, errotic, or sexy. I didn’t understand this. I thought they were over-reacting, just trying to get a rise out of us inexperienced students. But it all made sense when I saw the Porsche Pavilion at the VW Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. I’d never wanted to just run my hands along a building as I had with this simple yet beautiful design.

Approaching, the pavilion’s cantilevering overhang drew me in, especially on a sunlit winter day. It’s long, arm-like walls scoop anyone who is approaching in, with a desire, the same desire in which I’d imagine someone would have to drive in a passing by Porsche. I was fasinated by its material: how could something large have no seams? Despite it’s matte gray appearance, and upon finally running my hands along it, I realized it was not concrete but a stainless steel skin covering its structure. That, in conjunction of the pond and friendly ducks, made the architecture appear so natural. Even having previously visiting a Zaha Hadid and an Aalto building earlier in the day, It was the highlight of my Wolfsburg field trip.

What can I say, it’s a sexy buidling.


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