DAY 30: Berlin, Germany


The nostalgic architecture:

There are kids who play with Legos, and there are kids who build with them. I think if there is one super cliche about architects, it is that we all share a love of building with Legos. After much anticipation, a few of us ventured to Legoland Berlin at the Sony Center, which was no disappointment. It had everything in Berlin, from a lit up Reichstag and Brandeburg Gate, to actual Lego people knocking down the Berlin Wall. It was a much brighter Berlin than I’ve grown to know.

Immediately, I was brought back to the time when Daniel and I would play Legos for what seemed like hours. He would control all of the roads and vehicles, while I would design the flower shops, hospitals, houses, pizza places…

Even when we all went to lunch after walking through the miniature cities, we sat playing with the few bricks someone had bought as souvenirs; each of us creating something new despite there only being eight or so pieces. I think a line in the sand is in fact drawn very early for us as children; we choose the toys and games that interest us for reasons we don’t know or realize, and later in life find these same methods of playing or thinking in our ‘real’ lives.

And for me, it brought back every dream I’d ever dreamt of building a city of my own when I was a kid.


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