DAY 29: Berlin, Germany


The tasty architecture:

A dark chocolate cappucino with whipped cream. This was the treat I got at the Ritter Sport cafe and store. I was expecting to see a chocolate factory, but instead the store near Friedrichstrasse had a brief history of the German chocolate company and an absolutely tasty cafe. There was even a chance for customers to pick their own chocolate and watch as the chocolatiers made them into customized bars.

The cafe looked as tasty as the treats. It was a moment of practical interior design, where in any other place, nothing would have fit. But with the chocolate brown walls and comfortable leather furniture, I wanted nothing but sweets in the space. The feature wall leading up to the cafe was covered in these glossy colored accent panels, which on  the ceiling were turned into softly lit fixtures. They resembled the variety of chocolate types, all packed in pop of color square wrappings.

At the pick-your-own chocolate station, I took my best guess at flavors and made small goodie bags for mom and dad. I’d say a return trip to Ritter Sport, and another cappuccino, is necessary while I’m still in Berlin.


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