DAY 26: Berlin, Germany


The temporal architecture:

I had never experienced so many different types of snow until I came to Berlin. Today, it ranged from sleet, to tiny pellets of hard snow raining down on Victoria and I as we went for cheesecake, and ending with the fluffiest and largest flakes I had ever seen. And just when I think Spring is peeking through, I find more and more freshly fallen snow outside my window. This shot is from the balconyat our apartment.

This uncertainty in weather is something I really love, however, especially what it does to architecture. Every architect should plan for the changes that will take place at the site over time. After all, humans are forever changing and the weather is an excellent marker of time. A piece of architecture should reflect the years its aged, just as we do with wrinkles and gray hair. Not to say that it should fall into disrepair, but it should utilize the effects the weather can have on different materials. Concrete has so much more depth when it has been rained upon. The green that copper turns to over time is quite magnificent and the weathered stains of Cor-ten steel ever more so.

And when the snow finally does stop falling, a whole new set of changes will surround Berlin.


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