DAY 25: Berlin, Germany


The comfortable architecture:

I woke up this morning, back in Berlin, determined to hold on to the feeling of warmth that I had in Barcelona. Since a literal feeling of warmth wasn’t possible, being that the temperature was slightly above freezing, I was at least in search of comfort. I set out at 10 in the morning hoping to find something interesting to regain my enjoyment in Berlin.

I walked past the Markisches Museum train stop to the Spree River and over a bridge. In between museum island and my apartment, I found a small series of shops and coffee houses that seemed quite lovely for a Monday morning. Even though there were tourist magnets and post cards, the spot was hidden enough that only a few people were browsing. For a moment I found a comfort in my discovery. These experiences are what architecuture is all about; it is human centered even down to the emotions. Architecture is a comfort for us.

I made a mental note to come back, especially on a day when it wasn’t slightly hailing like today, and browse the shops.


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