DAY 24: Barcelona, Spain


The mystifying architecture:

I’m not religious in the least. But cathedrals are gorgeous and they are what I believe in. At the Barcelona Cathedral, also by Gaudi, I was surprised at my feelings upon entering. A combination of awe, love, the feeling of being so small in such a large space, can only be qualified as mystification. How is it that these spaces can be so emotionally over powering. I’m surprised I didn’t walk into anyone, considering my gaze was unfailingly upward.

I liked the Barcelona Cathedral. It’s simpler than the Sagrada Familia, which makes it more personal. The dark stone was lit from natural sunlight and candles. I first saw it at night, when me and Victoria happened to turn the corner and find ourselves in the plaza it stands in. In typical Gaudi fashion, I was inspired by its patterns and textures of stone and tile.

I walked out to a plaza of merchants and people playing music. We walked the Old City region of Barcelona down to the water where, after touching the Mediterranean Sea, we begrudgingly prepared ourselves to head back to Berlin.


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