DAY 23: Barcelona, Spain


The disrespected architecture:

By the third day in Barcelona, everyone was struggling. So much walking. But it was Barcelona Pavilion day; the chance to see a staple in the world of architecture. Its tucked away in the corner of a greenspace, or dirt space since there was no grass. Rolf had us all gather at the front of the pavilion so that he could read us something. He explained that the items we were seeing around the pavilion were part of an art exhibit to show what it takes to keep the pavilion running.

These items were garbage. They were just cleaning supplies like vacuums and spray bottles that are usually kept in the basement. I couldn’t help myself when I openly said to Rolf, “This is an art exhibit? It’s rather awful, don’t you think?” He thought my criticism was harsh. But I felt as though this architectural monument, this pavilion that represented Germany right before a time when Germany would change forever, was being disrespected. Where there should have be a representation of minimalist architecture, there were brooms on sticks in the pool, and piles of dirty cushions in the sitting room. I tried to use my best photo techiniques to avoid having these items in any of my shots. So what if art is supposed to be ‘in your face’…I could have thought up ten better installations than the one I witnessed.

After we all walked through and reconvened at the front of the pavilion, Rolf declared that he, in so many words, also did not like the installation very much.


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