DAY 20: Berlin, Germany


The process architecture:

It was crit day; just a chance for the professors to see where the class is conceptually for the Musikschule/Library project. I’ve been pretty jazzed about my concept. Though a working project as it stands, I’ve found that music, literature and architecture are all ordered works of art. They all share the components of structure and organization.

From my years of piano lessons, and new found hobby of the violin, I knew that classical music was organized into parts. After a little research, I found that Sonates, in particular, are organized into four parts: Exposition, where the main themes of the movement are laid out; Development, where these themes are then broken down and played with; Recapitulation, where themes reoccur; and Coda, where everything comes to a close. One exmple of this is Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, the “da-da-da-DA” that we’ve all heard.

I’ve been told that I’m good at creating experiences in my work, and I think that following this narrative technique of classical music will achieve a fun sort of circulation through the floors of the library. Even Professors Joachim and Gabrielle said they look forward to seeing how I achieve this. I have trouble believing that a work of architecture can ever be completely finished, at least not in the eyes of the architect. Not to mention a built structure is always changing based on years of weather and use. Perhaps all architecture really is infinitely in process.

And tomorrow, we leave for four days in BARCELONA!


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