DAY 16: Wannsee, Germany


The residential architecture:

There’s an S-Bahn train that goes right to Wannsee, a town outside of Berlin on the way to Potsdam. As much as I have enjoyed the city, there comes a need to reach just beyond its borders. And Wannsee was quite the change as Jess, Victoria, and I explored its suburban lanes.

We started down by the lake, a choppily-frozen body of water with boats so covered in snow they looked abandoned. After taking too many photos of ducks, we mananged to end up on Bismarckstrasse in sesarch of espresso. Instead we were impressed to find a long string of homes, all more unique than the last. Bismarckstrasse was really our first impression of residential architecture in Germany. Every home was gated, and every gate was different. Peeking through one, I was especially impressed with this red trellis. The homes ranged from lightly classical to heavily modern, geometrical masses in stark white. A house should have an identity; it should represent who lives there. How refreshing it was to see individuality in the suburbs, as opposed to Berlin’s infinite number of concrete apartment units.

Finding Bismarckstrasse to be a dead end, we doubled back towards the train station. There we finally found coffee and paired it with Putenschnitzel (chicken with mushrooms) and a Honigtarte (honey tart) for dessert.


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