DAY 15: Berlin, Germany


The winter architecture:

I love snow. However, typically by February, the cold has overstayed its welcome. Every time it snows in Berlin, on the other hand, my enjoyment for it renews. Often times these days, I wake up to find a fresh sheet of white outside the apartment. I think this impression of renewal stems from the fact that the Berlin I’ve been living in is gray, a result of the concrete buildings and rainy weather. Snow brings light to the city.

I’d been wanting to photograph this church since I’ve moved in; it’s around the corner from our Adalbertstrasse apartment. It is another church that was damaged during the war, but left in its state of dishevelment. What I love is that the dome of this church (of which I still don’t know the name) seems to reflect the weather of every day differently. Covered in the freshly fallen snow today, it blends right into the brightness of the sky, which architecturally is what I think a dome wants to do. On a greater level, the dome of a church is representative of an apotheosis, a striving towards the heavens. This dome is a perfect example of that theological impulse.

And layered with the snow covered trees, the church appears quiet, untouched, and undisturbed, blending into its surroundings, since the day it was bombed.


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