DAY 10: Berlin, Germany


The spontaneous architecture:

Surprisingly enough, some of the most interesting design work here can be found underground. Every U-Bahn station, which is the underground subway system, is unique; primarily with some variation of tile work on the walls. As in the case of this photo, it is the ceiling of the Blissestrasse station, where we go for studio, that utilizes this opportunity for design.

I was impressed when I first noticed the coffer-like boxes that arc over the tracks. Having seen the colorful tiled walls and murals of the other stations on the way, altogether I thought that the community in Berlin must take every opportunity for design. Though U-Bahn passengers are probably too busy to stop and notice, I’d say that the decorated train stations provide a brighter and seemingly tidier trip.

And if the U-Bahn isn’t what you need, there’s the above ground system as well. The S-Bahn runs through the city, giving passengers the opportunity to take it Berlin by train.


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