DAY 9: Berlin, Germany


The sports architecture:

In need of a feeling of home, the entire class purchased tickets to the Eisbaren hockey game, Berlin’s version of the Boston Bruins. French fries, hotdogs, and beer seemed to be the same here at O2 World than in Boston. The one major difference was the atmosphere. There was a greater amount of pomp and circumstance than I expected at the beginning of the game. The pre-game led up to pyrotechnics that flew from both sides of the stadium and crashed into each other right above the jumbo screen.

I just happened to snap a photo when the fireworks made contact, resulting in a burst of red light and smoke. I think this is what is great about stadiums, scale becomes a means for possibilty. In which other type of structure is it possible to create such an event. It is the stadium that makes the human feel out of scale, rather than scale always being proportional to that of the human figure.

Despite a spectacular opening, the Berlin Eisbaren lost 0-1, after a goal from their opponents in the third period.


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