DAY 7: Berlin, Germany


The evening architecture:

Today is my birthday! And it’s a great day to be in class. Fridays are Historical and Cultural Berlin class, which means we leave the confines of studio and venture out into the city and surroundings. We met our tour-guide at Hackescher Markt and began a historical walking tour that went from the Spree River to Museum Island, to the square where the Nazis burned 20,000 books, past the Stassi Prison to the remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall, to the Nazi Headquarters building that survived WWII, to where Hitler used to live followed by where he hid in the bunker before dying, to Eisenmann’s Holocaust Memorial, through the Academy of Arts, and ending at the Brandenburg Gate.

Through this almost 4 hour tour, Berlin kept us on edge with the impending appearance of rain.  Berlin in January means on average one hour of sunshine a day, and today was no exception. I am getting used to the constantly gray skies though. And what I found most pleasant about the day was the change from day to evening, which meant the sky turned from a stark gray/white to a magnificent blue, or a perfect back drop for the Brandenburg Gate.

The mood of the day effects the mood of the architecture. In the evening, with a glowing of lights, every structure in Berlin becomes softer.


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