DAY 6: Berlin, Germany


The deteriorating architecture:

After a day of snow, rain, thunder, and lightning yesterday, we took advantage of the sunshine and walked back to the site this morning. Turns out, the Musikschule is only a couple of blocks away from our apartment.

Berlin definitely has a quality of age; a quality worth exploring by walking rather than taking the U-Bahn. It’s hard to imagine that anything was ever new; even post war buildings have chipped stucco or rusted gates. The wispy plants and gray light seem to capture a sense of something that once was, as if the city commemorates the past by encouraging decay. It is temporal change, and within it a description of nature and evidence that life has happened.

This appearance of deterioration is very suiting for the city, though. It’s another added texture and color that appears as though it was it was intended right from the initial design. Not only is the architecture in Berlin literally behind all of the grundge and rust,  like in this photo of the back of the site, but it is composed of exactly those things.

And for some reason, I have an infatuation with rust.


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