DAY 4: Berlin, Germany


The hidden architecture:

The entire day was spent in studio. In the afternoon, I noticed that all of the blinds were pulled across the windows, having been that way since we’ve arrived. I walked over and slid one window’s blinds open, revealing a rod-iron spiral staircase. From my vantage point in our studio, set about a meter below eye level, the spiral staircase looked infinite and quite wonderful despite its location in the back lot of an apartment building.

I guess if anything, I like to think that I found appreciation for this hidden staircase. It wasn’t flaunting its design. I’m willing to bet that these hidden design pockets would slowly reveal themselves all around Berlin. For instance, even that one orange window frame changes the entire impression of the lot outside of studio.

It’s only fitting that I find something extrordinary in our own back yard, considering my class was so wrapped up in getting the site model done, that we did no further exploring today. But, I suppose there are more of both types of days to come.


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